Relief for moms-to-be


In Knocked Up, one of the tell-tale signs that Seth Rogen has matured from stoner dad-to-be to Mr. Fully Prepared is when he sits home alone reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s cute, but if he (or screenwriter Judd Apatow) were more enlightened, he would have been holding The Big Book of Birth (Plume, $15), by Carroll Gardens childbirth educator and Realbirth ( founder Erica Lyon.
Contrary to the title, the book itself is not that big. But it encompasses every aspect of childbirth, the most mysterious, daunting event for pregnant women (aside from the parenting part!). If you live in Brooklyn, chances are you know at least one person who’s expecting, and who can use a progressive A-Z guide that covers everything from the reasons for necessary and unnecessary ceasarians to every natural and chemical pain relief option available at every stage of birth. Refreshingly, Lyon doesn’t preach from one pulpit or the other.

“I wanted a book that put the coping tools and options in context [of the various stages of labor] and that was fair to women regardless of the choices they want or need to make,” she explained over email. “In fact, I didn’t realize how bad the need was for the “in context” part until I started getting feedback from … first-, second- and even third-time moms.”

Lyon, whose Realbirth classes are taught at Ola Baby ( at 315 Court Street, will read from her book this Thursday at 7 PM at BookCourt (163 Court between Amity and Pacific Sts., F to Bergen St., 718-875-3677).

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