This Little Piggy Is (Sort of) Open


It was foolish to think the press wouldn’t feast upon the Little Piggy (Market). The countrified gourmet store has already been written up in countless papers and blogs — and it’s not even open (really).

Craig Samuel and Ben GrossmanThe Smoke Joint
, the citified BBQ shack next door, also owned by Craig Samuel (left) and Ben Grossman (right), was just as hyped, and the pair opened its doors only when they noticed NY Times epicure Florence Fabricant cued in line with the rest of the hungry hopefuls on the first day. “Over here,” said Samuel in the half-assembled market last night, “we want to open softly and nurture our customers.”

(Good luck!) For the last week, people have been coming by, wondering when the opening day is for Little Piggy, which Samuel describes a handful of ways: Little Piggy, (a Not So General) Market, and Little Piggy, (a Brooklyn) Country Market, among them. “It’s what’s inside the parentheses that’s really important,” Grossman clarified.

Anson Mills Heirloom GritsWhat we’ll get if we wait patiently for the staff to learn the ropes, and all the food to arrive: homemade biscuits, fair-trade, locally roasted Dallis Coffee, artisinal cheese, gourmet foodstuffs like Anson Mills heirloom grits (pictured), nostalgia candies like Sugar Daddies, and Greenmarket-fresh food like grilled peaches with Finchville Farms Country Ham and squash salad, grown on Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau’s upstate farm. “His son gave us what he had, and that’s what we’re cooking this week,” said Samuel. Yes, starting today, this little 12-seat market will be open for business, from around 2 to 6 noon to 10pm, and will ramp up those hours to 8am to 10pm, Tues. through Sun., sometime this Fall.

Little Piggy (Market), 64 Lafayette Ave., 718-797-1011 (no website yet)

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