Holiday Fare


Still shopping? We’re already thinking about fancy foods for New Year’s Eve. The ideas we gathered came from the proprietors of these shops, and our own cravings for seriously indulgent holiday hors d’oeuvres.

Bay Ridge
MEJLANDER AND MULGANNON (718-238-6666): A Filet Mignon crosstini platter with homemade horseradish sauce feeds 15-20 people, for $115.

TANOREEN (718-748-5600): Nobody does decorative, delicious Middle Eastern platters like this mother-daughter team. Call for pricing.

BK Heights/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Red Hook
FAIRWAY (718-694-6868): On sale through New Year’s Eve is wild domestic shrimp ($9/lb), rib roasts ($9/lb) and a $4 box of clementines — a fruit Fairway first distributed in the U.S.!

SAHADI’S (718-624-4550): The appetizer platter with hummus, baba ganoushe, lebany, olives, and pickles with pita is $30 for 5-10; $50 for 10-15. And of course: 25 varieties of dried fruit and 30+ kinds of olives.

stinky.jpgSTINKY BKLYN (718-522-7425): Order a small, medium, or large meat and cheese platter ($65-125), and they’ll put together the best, three seasonal cheeses, two kinds of charcuterie, dried fruit, nuts, and crackers. Get some local, CarryMo Fudge ($12/lb) to go.

Clinton Hill/Fort Greene
L’EPICERIE (718-636-1200): Goose Liver Mousse ($18/lb), Pate de Campange ($14/lb), or Duck Rillette ($18/lb), from Le Bec Fin Fine Foods, who also supplies Grab and Blue Apron with pâtés (Blue Apron offers the largest selection, from the wild boar with hazelnuts to venison with cranberries).

FORAGERS (718-801-8400): Wild sea scallops ($25/lb), British Columbia oysters or briny Beau Soleils ($2/per) from Wild Edibles; the complex, cheesegasmic Monte Enebro goat cheese ($25/lb), or the ripe, runny Epoisses ($20 a round).

JACQUES TORRES (718-875-9772): Champagne Truffles (24 for $43). Need we say more?

blue.jpgPark Slope
BLUE APRON (718-230-3180): Vodka and dill smoked salmon ($28/lb), smoked salon tartar ($15/lb); French kisses: prunes soaked in armagnac and stuffed with foie gras ($14 for 6); Spanish Jamon Pata Negra — a sweet, much richer version of Serrano, newly arrived on these shores ($85/lb); candied rose petals or mint leaves ($4/oz).

GRAB SPECIALTY FOODS (718-369-7595): Vacherin de jura — a runny, brie-like cows’ milk cheese only available in the winter — on a spaulted maple cutting board ($33) with a handmade olive wood cheese spreader ($40).

BEDFORD CHEESE (718-599-7588): Pop the soft, creamy St. Marcellin ($10 for 2-3 people) or the St. Felicien ($16.50, 4-5 people) in a 350-degree oven for a few minutes until it gets molten; then reuse the terra cotta dish it comes in. Dip slices of chorizo into the Portuguese Torte de Los Barros, also great warmed ($60 wheel feeds 20).

mar.jpgMARLOW AND SONS (718-384-1441): California caviar ($24 to $70 for 30gms) or good old Trout Roe ($15.50/100gms), plus all the fixings from blinis to crème fraiche. Sweet organic Satsumas — a delicate, seedless type of mandarin orange — and the ridiculously good chocolate on a stick, to eat or stir in warm milk for hot cocoa ($2.75 per).

URBAN RUSTIC (718-388-9444): Niman Ranch Uncured Ham ($9/lb); Evans Creamery raw milk cheddar; Ceci-Cela pistachio madeleines ($4.50 for 6). No, we haven’t been yet… have you? Tell us about it us here.

Photos by Michael Harlan Turkell.

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