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Today, we unveil The Five, the first of many posts where we ask a Brooklyn dweller to pick 5 favorite things found in the County of Kings. Williamsburg local Jen Carlson, the arts editor of Gothamist, kicks off the series with her 5 favorite songs by Brooklyn bands this year. Some you can download (just option click/right click on the link), and all are on Imeem, where you can stream each song and then buy the ones you like!

dp.jpgDirty Projectors — “Depression
Listening to this song does not make me depressed, but it is a good dose of sonic schizophrenia. The whole thing is just perfectly crazy — the lyrics, the two girls’ voices…and I love the idea that Dave Longstreth created the songs on “Rise Above” by attempting to rewrite Black Flag’s album “Damaged” from memory. Hear>>

forms.jpgThe Forms — “Knowledge in Hand”
I saw them at Southpaw in February and stood transfixed without having heard one note prior to that, which is unusual for me. To be honest, I have a new obsession with a different song every time I listen to the record, so it’s hard to pick a favorite — but this particular song, “Knowledge in Hand,” is the lead track for their new self-titled album, which is one of those rare albums that I can listen to straight through over and over again. Download>>

jg.jpgThe Jealous Girlfriends — “Something In The Water”
I like this song, and not because it’s on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. I only recently started listening to this band, and after seeing them at CMJ realized one of the guys works at my local coffee shop! Well, hopefully that’ll be temporary because it would be great to see big things happen for them. Download>>

box1.jpgThe National — “Start a War”
I have loved The National for so many years, and the fixation with their songs just keeps growing! It’s always hard to pick a favorite with this band, but “Start a War” is one I keep going back to on the new album, “Boxer.” Hear>>

phos1.jpgPhosphorescent — the entire album, “Pride”
As Matthew Houck (a k a Phosphorescent) told me himself, “It’s a great record. It’s easily the best record released this year and probably of the last ten years. I haven’t heard anything that comes close.”
Download “Wolves” >>

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