Remember when that girl inherited Paris Hilton’s old cell phone number, and got all those 2 am calls and texts from Paris’s friends?

Well, Leila Sales gets text messages from strangers on her cell too — and she records every hilarious one on her blog,

Sales, who lives in Park Slope, first realized this crazy, technological wormhole last June, when she got a new cell from Verizon, “and I just started getting all these text messages.” At first she thought the phone had been programmed wrong — that it was accidentally linked to someone else’s number — but a clerk assured her everything was in order.

Still, the texts kept arriving from all over the country. After a little sleuthing, Sales realized that they were not directed to one other random person, but that she was getting every text meant for a Leila on the Verizon network — so long as the sender used the keypad to type in her name, instead of calling it up from the address book.


Since Sales got (and continues to get) at least one unintended text a day, and her phone only stores 100, she figured that the best way to purge and preserve them was to record them online. Of course, she could call Verizon and get a new phone, but Sales would never trade in her strange portal. “I find it so interesting,” she says. “It’s totally worth whatever it costs me to get a text message” — and whatever time it takes to call strangers back whenever an urgent text warrants it. “I just get very worried that something will happen — that a friendship will end or a mother will assume her child got into an accident if I don’t respond to them.”

There are too many hilarious entries to count, though Sales personally loves this one and this — “both vicious, yelling texts. Somehow those always intrigue me the most.” We’re partial to this one, this one, and this text — but what really cracks us up is Sales’ witty responses to her anonymous senders. Her age — 23 — also makes her an excellent decoder of such advanced acronyms as lmaoo.

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