Yo, Mama (to be)


“Got any weird cravings?”

If you’re pregnant, or you’ve been pregnant, you know this is one of those questions people love to ask, because they all want you to say pickles.

Nevermind that few reliable studies confirm this craving. (One Sri Lankan survey found that many pregnant women do crave sour foods — especially those who believe in devil dancing.)

picks.jpgYet the image persists — and Rick’s Picks has cheekily fulfilled this perceived and real need with a Pregnancy Pack, four jars of puckery goodness including its Slices of Life sliced dills, which he calls his most palatable “Pickle of Pregnancy” because it’s doesn’t have bold additions like hot cherry peppers or wasabi that give his other pickles so much attitude. “It’s like a vanilla wafer for us.”

The style makes it the perfect pick, then, for the pickle company’s pregnancy contest with yet another local, SMITH magazine, the site for storytelling in every form — diaristic, graphic, and concise, like its marvelously brief bestseller, “Not Quite What I was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs from Writers Famous and Obscure.”

The prego contest is similarly succinct: Use 100 words or less to tell some hilarious, amazing, or touching tale of pregnancy, past or present. Three winning women will get their story and photo on the nationally distributed Slices of Life jar, and seven other winners — six women, one man — will walk (or waddle) away with a Pregnancy Pack and a copy of “Six-Word Memoir.”

pgrs.jpg(Note: This is not the only mom-centric side to SMITH. The mag is also co-sponsoring a “Six-Word Momoir” contest, which ends today, and editor Larry Smith clearly has a thing for BBPWs — Big, Beautiful Pregnant Women — on display in this amazing collection of personal photos.)

To get a taste of what you might win, visit the styly maternity store Bump Brooklyn this Sunday Saturday from 12-3, where Rick’s Picks will donate free Slices of Life samples and Blue Marble will supply its heavenly organic ice cream. (Bump itself will be donating a percentage of weekend sales to The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation).

Anyone in the nation can enter the pregnancy story contest, which ends August 1. But given all the strollers and expectant mothers in our midst, it would be a shame not to see a local’s face (or three) on the label.

To enter, visit smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest.

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