Hungry for Love


Like other web tv endeavors to come out of Williamsburg, Feed Me: The Brooklyn Cooking Dating Show, has all the ingredients of a hit: Two Brooklynites who love to cook are set up and filmed while making dinner for their blind date.

Creator Adam Pollock does the pairing, using an online survey to figure out your food likes and a phone call to gauge personality types. (He’s got yenta skills, too: Many on the show have found they share a friend in common.) The participants, meanwhile, do the menu planning. In past episodes, “Casserole Crazy” Emily Farris baked her Seduction casserole; Shameless Carnivore author Scott Gold prepared his mother’s chicken marsala (using guinea hens); and in the most recent, eighth show, Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in New York (above) used her home-baked bread for a dinner of pressed sandwiches and spiked mint lemonade.

Since filming began this April, in the envy-worthy kitchen of Brooklynphoto Studio, only the first episode has been released online — and for good reason. “Our crew is composed entirely of busy New Yorkers,” Pollock explains, including one “extremely pregnant” editor.

So the post-production has yet to catch up with the matchmaking — is this such a bad thing? As Pollock points out, the more profiles people submit, the better matches he can make. And though we have yet to see them fly, there have been sparks between more than one couple, including the show’s first same-sex pair.

To “meat” your match — at least in the kitchen — there’s a show planned around Tom Mylan’s lamb butchering class on June 17th. For future casting calls and Feed Me episodes, which will be posted online this summer, stay tuned to

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Photo by Theodore Coulombe for Brooklynphoto Studio Inc.

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