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Salty bacon, crisp lettuce, sweet tomato, and rich mayo on white bread make a pretty unbeatable combination, and getting the best quality of each takes a great sandwich and turns it into a serious culinary achievement. Here’s how three local variations compared:

Applewood BLT, $12, Sunday brunch only
From the grilled bread to the crunchy thick-cut bacon, slivers of bright red heirlooms and local lettuce, this is just about the perfect expression of seasonal American. And the herbed fries were crunchy bistro-style deliciousness. Get this while there’s still time!

Flatbush Farm BLT, $10, M-F lunch only
The Farm keeps it real with Pullman-style white bread, nicely crunchy iceberg lettuce and a serious mayo slather, then adds whatever local tomatoes are in house that day. It’s a solid contender, with plenty of Applewood bacon pointing every which way out of it, and well-seasoned fries on the side.

iCi BLT, $10, M-F Lunch and Sat/Sun brunch
The saddest of the lot. For a restaurant that associates itself with the local and seasonal, this sandwich could have just as easily been served in the dead of winter. The tomato was the pink, mealy kind typical of diners and the greens were the same dull, soft mesclun mix that made up the side salad. On the plus side, the bread was a soft white bread with good crust, and they are heavy handed on the thick-cut bacon, cooked more to medium than to full crisp.


“You forgot the BEST BLT in Brooklyn, on the brunch menu at Stone Park. It’s an open-faced sandwich with thick slices of pork belly, fresh tomato, Boston bib lettuce and roasted garlic aioli. So good!” –Renda Morton

Sent by Rachael. Photo of tomatoes by Attila Agoston. BLT photo by Lee Eaton.

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