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Next up in our ongoing series of old-school but useful services is the cobbler and leather repair guide. Sure, you could go out and buy new $250 boots this fall, or you could cough up a week’s worth of coffee money to rework last year’s pair. A rip in your leather tote? Need a suede bag cleaned? We asked some friends of Brooklyn Based where they recommend.

Kims Shoe Repair
115 Meserole, Greenpoint
(718) 802-9365

A very particular friend recommended this sliver of a shop to us. “You’ve gotta see this place! Dozens of shoes in paper bags line the wall. I brought in five pairs and they did a great job.” We dropped our beloved Frye boots off and were quoted $47 for heel repair and leather resoling, with only a small deposit required. The jury’s still out — they will be ready for pick up tonight.boot

Yelena Shoe Repair
85 Nassau Avenue, Greenpoint
(718) 302-1969

This much-loved neighborhood cobbler recently relocated from Bedford between N. 8th and N. 9th to the other side of the park. They did a great job resoling our friend’s Frye boots. (We’re not being paid by Frye, we swear, they’re just so classic!)

Express Shoe Repair & Watch Service
178 Smith Street, Boerum Hill
(718) 624-5439

“My shoe guy, on Smith at the corner of Warren…he’s great. Always saving my shoes to wear for another season.”

“My regular spot, where I go for new lifts/heels and polishing on a regular basis, is Express Shoe Repair. I couldn’t even count the number of times this gentleman has put new heels on my shoes over the years. He’s great. 50% cash deposit required when you drop off your shoes.”

Brooklyn Heights Shoe Master
100 Henry Street, Brooklyn Heights
(718) 243-2355

A BB reader reports, “The shoe repair place in the Clark Street station of the 2/3 train is good.” Clear and to the point, enough said.

Peerless Shoe Repairpurse
113 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights
(718) 855-4954

“For tough fixes and special care I highly recommend Peerless Shoe Repair. They have resoled my favorite pair of kitten-heeled Mary Janes, mended a delicate vintage leather purse, and recently added a much-needed new zipper to the boots I wear over jeans. They request payment up front, but you can negotiate a deposit.”

Seoul Custom Tailor
287 Court Street, Carroll Gardens
(718) 802-9365

“My boyfriend needed new zippers (and other repairs) to a much-loved and well-worn leather jacket. We took it to Seoul Custom Tailor at 287 Court Street. He worried it would be beyond repair, but they did it.”

Professional Italian Shoe Repairjacket
312 Flatbush Avenue, Park Slope/Prospect Heights border
(718) 622-6410

“I’ve taken shoes and a suede coat with a tear in it to the little shop right next to the 7th Ave. subway stop (Q/B) on the Park Slope side of Flatbush. He was very nice and was honest about how he could fix something and what it would look like afterwards. I would totally recommend.”

Roman’s Expert Shoe Repair
135 Windsor Place, Windsor Terrace
Closed Saturdays. No phone.

On Windsor Place at the corner of Prospect Park West there is a little hole in the wall shoe repair and the guy is excellent! It’s been there as long as I can remember and it is a one man show.”

Reader Updates:

Magic Joe Shoe Repair 500 Franklin Ave., Bed-Stuy(ish), (718) 230-0629, “and a snazzy selection of men’s shoes for sale, to boot!”

Alex Shoe Repair, 30 Newkirk Plaza, Ditmas Park, (718) 421-9239. “Not only is Alex skilled in repairing shoes, leather bags and jackets, he is a mainstay in the community. Alex has been fixing my shoes since I was a teenager and now my friends from the Bronx give me their shoes for Alex to repair. He is licensed to provide special shoes for diabetics.“Â

Joe’s Shoe Repair, 537 5th Avenue, Park Slope, (718) 789-2440. “Great sign — ‘If you got shoe problems, talk to Joe’ ”

And… Lost New York City has a great post on two cobblers in Borough Park and Ditmas Park >>

Don’t see your favorite shop on the list? Email us and we’ll add it to the online directory. That goes for our other service guides as well.

Sent by Chrysanthe. Illustrations by Jenni Wu.

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  1. AR -

    Went to Kim’s Shoe Repair today. Clearly prices have gone up since 2008 because they were charging $50 to resole a pair of ankle boots with a strip of rubber (nothing fancy like Frye boots might require). The lady who works there (maybe the wife of the owner) was kind of rude and dismissive too. Prices in this god damn city keep going up and service/quality keeps going down.

    I found a better deal at Yelena Shoe Repair down the street but I’ll have to see how that turns out. The guy at Yelena seemed impatient and grouchy. Par for the course in New York.


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