Help for the Holidays


If you were ignoring the holiday countdown before Thanksgiving, there’s no escaping it now. Within three weeks, that list of people you should send gifts and cards to must be checked off — though not necessarily by you. You could save yourself time and stress, and hire an elf.

OK, not a real elf, but an assistant courtesy of Dunn & Overwith, the cheekily named life management company begun by two New Yorkers, Nicole Anzuoni and Gail Kelley, whose three ingenious, custom plans — the Park, Madison, and Lexington Clubs — help overworked folk “spend their workday working and their playtime playing.” Whether you need a dedicated assistant to organize your closets, a personal concierge to stock your fridge and pick up your laundry, or a “virtual” assistant who can do everything you need by phone or online, like find a cat sitter or the perfect summer share, they have a staff of eight who’ll accomplish any task (so long as it’s legal and in good taste).

Which leaves a lot of possibilities. Since launching in October, they’ve done everything from planning a hoedown-themed birthday party for an 80-year-old grandma in Massachusetts, to helping an itinerant New Yorker finally unpack. And now in time for the holidays, Dunn & Overwith has added a few special services to guarantee a peaceful end to ’08.

dunn_overwithFor those who are overwhelmed by that holiday list of things to do and gifts to send, you can hire an “elf” to stuff, stamp, and hand address 25 cards and purchase, wrap and mail 5 gifts. (Those who need more help can hire additional elves or the entire workshop, including Mrs. Claus. And for an extra $1 per card, they’ll even pen that year-end letter to friends and family.)

Even if you don’t feel like buying yourself time this season, you could give Dunn & Overwith’s services to a harried friend or relative, via gift cards that start at $50. That translates to an hour of time in which someone else can assume all those odd jobs no one wants to do — freeing up precious time to spend with thoughtful friends like you.

Help is just a call or a click away:
1-877-OVERWITH (1-877-683-7948)

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