What's So Effed About Park Slope?


Ever since it since it launched last November, we’ve been spitting out our coffee from laughing so hard at the blog FIPS (also know as Fucked in Park Slope), a collaborative effort by Erica and Benjamin, with video content by Greg. Since their blog is both loved and hated with a passion, they declined to pose for photos for fear of being recognized on the streets of their beloved Park Slope. They did, however, offer up a glamour shot of their dog, Ollie, so if you happen to see him walking around the nabe, follow his leash and BOOM…the mystery of FIPS will be solved. Below, Erica answers 10 Qs from us. [Warning: Language below may not be child- or workplace-friendly.]

What inspired you to start the blog? Benjamin and I knew we wanted to collab on a project and began kicking around ideas. Then it hit us one day like a ton of bricks: how are there NO fun, snarky Park Slope blogs that really, truly take on the good, the bad AND the ugly of our neighborhood? We both love the shit out of Park Slope, but we also get that there is a whole lot goin’ on here that begs to be made fun of. So after one brainstorming session at JPAN (the BEST sushi in Park Slope people, bar none), FIPS was born the week after Thanksgiving last year.

Why Effed? Seriously? Uhm, do you have any better name suggestions? Feel free to email us if you do.

Do you drop the F-bomb at your day job? What do you guys do when you’re not working on FIPS? I work in marketing and Benjamin does some complicated shit with computers and software design that I don’t really understand. My husband Greg (who does all of our kickass videos) works in Online Marketing. If you lined all our co-workers up and asked them to identify who amongst them were the writers of this smart-ass, know-it-all blog called Fucked In Park Slope, I’m quite sure NO ONE would guess that it was us. So, no…we don’t ever scream out ‘FUCK YEAH” when our fourth quarter numbers come in, or “GET OFF MY FUCKING AERON CHAIR” to cubicle mates.

So, what’s with this whole breeder vs. baller thing? Do you really play ball? What we mean by “BALLER” is basically someone with no kids, expendable income and lots of smart-ass opinions. This is really one of our fave regular columns, because we think it’s one of the few out there that honestly offers up the real deal feelings of parents vs. non-parents on a whole variety of topics (i.e. the sort of shit that you’re afraid to actually say to anyone, but are probably thinking anyway).

Isn’t one amongst your FIPS fold a breeder? Does that cause tiffs? Yes, Benjamin is a Breeder, but so far it hasn’t been an issue. Except for that one time when he was all “uhm…do you guys mind if we bring the baby to the FIPS bar crawl?” and I was all “no fucking way dude…get your ass a sitter.” I kid, of course. I think the fact that we have these different life perspectives is one of the reasons our blog works so damn well. Besides, we needed someone with access to the Park Slope Parents message board.

What’s your favorite place in PS? Wow, impossible to pick one fave, so here are a few: The Tea Lounge on Sunday before 10am, when it officially turns into a daycare center; 7th Ave. Donuts anytime, any day; Prospect Park on a Saturday morning in Spring when it’s just wall-to-wall dogs; Union Hall (when we get that awesome couch seat in front of the fireplace…score!); Sunday boozy brunch at Scottadito for $14.95 with unlimited mimosas.

What other neighborhoods do you hang out in, or are you strictly a Sloper? We don’t venture out much because we’re all lazy and myopic, but Carroll Gardens is a close second to Park Slope (in Erica’s eyes, at least) and Dumbo is fun cause it feels like you’re in a Batman movie down there. Manhattan is for tourists… real NY is all about the BK.

So, um, any plans to join the Coop? BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! Er…no.

What’s your biggest gripe with the neighborhood? Don’t say breeders with their strollers monopolizing the sidewalk — too predictable: Well, though I have a soft spot for it, our movie theater (Pavillion) mostly sucks a dick. No matter what movie I see, I feel like I’m sitting at a screening of Weird Science circa 1985 in those dirty, smelly, mostly broken purple seats. Also, we don’t have any Burger Kings in the neighborhood and that’s kind of annoying. OH, and no Pinkberry!? WTF is up with that???

Your Twitter feed makes us crack up! How do you find the time/inspiration? Aw, shucks…thanks! Well, Twitter is my (Erica’s) domain…and Benjamin’s insomuch as he likes to sit around hurling insults at me about “twits” and “tweeple.” We just have the coolest group of people following us — we’ve even made some real life friends! We had our first Badass BK Tweetup at the Bell House a week or so ago and it was such a smashing success, I think we’re going to try to do it there monthly. As for the inspiration, I’m mostly a whiny bitch, so I draw on that a lot. [Ed. note: you can follow Brooklyn Based on Twitter! FIPS does.]

Sent by Chrysanthe. Top photo courtesy of Petographs, middle photo courtesy of FIPS, bottom image courtesy of BB.

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    Where can people who do not have kids in Park Slope meet and go out for a drink, move or dinner together? Our babies are grown up and we’re looking for some good non-baby conversation and camaraderie.


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