My Little Pony Invitational


So this pony walks into a bar, right? She orders a drink and the bartender says, “Hey why the long face?”


It all started with a birthday party. Talitha Whidbee, owner of Champion Coffee in Greenpoint and Vine Wine in Long Island City, bought a case of blank, white My Little Pony dolls for her daughter’s birthday party. While watching the under-seven-set glitter and bedazzle the ponies, adults at the party starting talking about how they would decorate one of their own. Whidbee decided to give some ponies to local artist pals and see what happened. Then she called Brooklyn Based to see whether we wanted to turn the whole thing into an event to benefit a local charity. We saddled up immediately.

The results? An exceptional equestrian exhibition. Some are still recognizable as ponies, but a few artists took the challenge to a whole other abstract level. There’s sculpture, photography and even some diorama-style pieces in this show. All of the completed ponies are currently on sale on eBay. (Our faves can be found here, here and here.) Or, head to Champion for an iced Americano, a chocolate mint cookie and a leisurely look at the very creatively hung installation, which went up Tuesday. Artists include Tony Matelli, Drew Heitzler and Peter Miller.

On Friday, May 29 we’ll take the ponies to auction and donate the proceeds to Just Food, one of our favorite educational and agricultural non-profits in the city. Join us for snacks, drinks and a special pony punch this Friday from 7 to 10pm, in Champion’s grassy backyard. Bidding closes at 9pm, with special props to winners who attend. We’ll have laptops available for bidding, or load the eBay app on your iPhone.

Agriculture in the city, the beautiful backyard at Champion, pony punch cocktails, it all makes perfect pony sense. Should you miss our pony party? Neigh.

Pony Party: Champion Coffee, 1108 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (718) 383-5195. Friday, May 29, 7-10pm.

Sent by Annaliese. Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Based.

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