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We think Brooklyn is home to some of the best food anywhere, and more importantly, it’s home to dozens of chefs, artisans, butchers and bakers who are committed to sustainable, collaborative efforts to improve the state of our food system. In celebration of our borough food pride, we’re hosting the Brooklyn Premiere of Food, Inc. next Wednesday, June 10 at The Bell House. More than just a screening, this event is the grand finale of the spring installment of our Drinks on the Doc series. We’ve asked Roebling Tea Room, Sweet Deliverance, McClure’s Pickles and Nunu Chocolates to whip up some tasty bites for a pre-film reception, and Brooklyn Brewery is providing us with Cuvee de Cardoz and Brooklyn Summer Ale, for a pre-film, seasonal beer open bar.

After the movie, director Robert Kenner will participate in a Q&A, answering all your burning questions about food politics, ammonia-laced hamburgers and the challenges of documenting the work of huge corporations that don’t want to be documented.

Get your tickets now, $25, limited to just 150 seats.
All ticket holders are invited to come at 7 for the pre-film booze and bites, and are guaranteed seating. At 7:45 we will sell a limited number of standing room only tickets for $10 on a first come, first served basis. Film starts at 8, Q&A to follow.

$25 tickets include access to the happy hour with food, free Brooklyn Brewery beer, 7-8pm, and $3 drinks for the rest of the night. Q&A with director Robert Kenner follows the screening. $10 standing room only tix get you in for the movie, Q&A, and $3 drinks.

Food, Inc.
Directed by Robert Kenner

What does the industrial food system actually look like? What are you voting against when you buy the organic greens at the farmer’s market and the milk from upstate cows? Corporate and government nepotism, union busting, high powered lawyers and very, very unappetizing chickens.

That’s how director Robert Kenner tells the tale of American food production in his new documentary, Food, Inc. Featuring interviews with Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) the movie explains how what we eat has become more than than a thrice daily exercise in sustenance, but a crucial opportunity to change, or support, an ailing and corrupt system of food production.

Fear not, Food, Inc. isn’t the film adaptation of The Jungle — it offers hope for eaters everywhere. Interviews with entrepreneurs like Stonyfield Farms’ Gary Hirschberg and with the inimitable Joe Salatin of Polyface Farms illustrate that there are fearless farmers, advocates and eaters changing the system, one pig, cow, chicken and bite at a time.

Sent by Annaliese. Art courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

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