The BQA: Sasha Frere-Jones


We had a feeling one of our favorite writers, Sasha Frere-Jones, lived in Brooklyn. Turns out the New Yorker pop music critic actually grew up here, and now, after a Manhattan move that lasted 20 years, he’s back in his childhood neighborhood of Fort Greene. Frere-Jones answered our latest BQA over the weekend, in the midst of the news about Michael.


What’s so great about Brooklyn?
Country life.

Any gripes?
The monorail between Brooklyn and the mainland is unreliable and fraught with sleepytime perils.

Name in order: your favorite breakfast, dinner and late-night drinks spot:
Breakfast: Abraço, on East 7th in Manhattan. Dinner: Alta, on 10th Street and Sixth Avenue. Late-night: you’re paying.

A Brooklynite you’d love to meet:
The Dutch dude who bought everything in 1667.

One thing few people know about you:
I have an awful, tiny television.

What else do you want to be or do?
I want to be the German dude who invented magnetic recording tape.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to right now?
Michael Jackson.

Guiltiest pleasure in your fridge or cupboard:
What are you, Freud? I’m gonna be guilty about Tofutti?

What’s the one product, accessory, or piece of clothing you rely on to look good?
I will cut a bitch for my (Australian, pre-outsourcing) Blundstones.

Your dream place to live in Brooklyn:
The house I grew up in: 25 South Portland Avenue. (Get out of my house, colonials.)

Interview by Nicole. Photo by Piera Gelardi/Refinery29.

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