Table Scraps II: Bonita to close, Saltie to open, Pies 'n' Thighs makes progress


From time to time we like to take all the restaurant gossip that’s afoot in Brooklyn (a least the part of it we’re privy to) and compile it all in into a feature we call Table Scraps. Here are some of the juicier bits of barstool knowledge we’ve picked up over the past few weeks.

R.I.P. Bonita
Bonita I on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg will serve its last taco on August 15. Owners Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth, of the Marlow and Sons/Diner empire, have long had a contentious relationship with the landlord (“He hates me,” Tarlow tell us. “Always has.”) and the restaurant has never been able to get a full liquor license for the space, so they’re closing up shop. Get your plate of pork nachos and your sidewalk spot while you still can.

Saltie ladies
Caroline Fidanza, founding chef of Marlow and Sons and Diner, is opening a new place of her own called Saltie. It’s located at 378 Metropolitan, in the space formerly known as Cheeks. Fidanza has partnered with baker Elizabeth Schula, and chef Rebecca Collerton (who is currently cooking on the line at Egg). They’ll be turning out, “pastries, sandwiches, ice cream, and as much good food as we can produce out of a small space,” according to Fidanza.

Chocolate bar
Nunu Chocolate is transforming their Atlantic Avenue storefront into a bar where you can watch chocolate being made while you sip your cocktail. Owner Justine Pringle reports that construction is slated to begin in early August and conclude in mid-September.

Espresso on wheels
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is outfitting two of their trucks with espresso makers, which suggests a whole other kind of vanilla latte.

Chef to Butcher
Tom Kearney, the chef from Farm on Adderley is currently training as a butcher at Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats in Kingston. The dorms at Fleisher’s meat university consist of a vintage Airstream trailer, parked in Josh and Jessica Applestone’s backyard.

After months of legal complications, Pies ‘n’ Thighs is about to begin construction on their new space on South 4th and Driggs, and we hear the new menu will include a killer hot dog.

Backyard bits
The backyard at Saraghina, the new wood-fired pizza sensation in Bed-Stuy, is open and lovely and the place is BYOB. Walter Foods in Williamsburg will soon have bands playing in their backyard.

The butcher is in
We’re taking full advantage of our special relationship with hot butcher Tom Mylan and starting a regular feature called, “Ask the Butcher.” He’ll answer anything from barbecuing, braising and broasting questions, to queries about love, life and vampire zombies. Email with questions for Tom.

Sent by Annaliese. Photos courtesy of pheezy and ultraclay! via Flickr.

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