Dick Chicken Speaks!



If you’ve spotted the above phallic bird, or just the tag “DICKCHICKEN” on mailboxes, street corners, and various spots around North Brooklyn, you’ve surely asked yourself, “Who and what is Dick Chicken?!” (And if you’ve seen his partner, Pussy Ham, you’ve probably wondered the same.) We tracked down the person responsible via email and asked him (her?) to fess up. Here’s what we uncovered:

um…duh sauce…have you seen the thing? it’s hilarious…that’s why…

What does DC stand for (metaphorically speaking)?
metaphorically speaking, it stands for not having to stand for anything metaphorically speaking…


And when did his girlfriend enter the picture?
hmmm…girlfriend huh? well, I would say the “ham” started after DICKCHICKEN slept with the vagina pork and never called her again…how does that saying go…? “imitation is the most sincere form of…why hasn’t he called me back?

They’re both slang for various loose body parts. Was that the starting point, creatively speaking? If not, what was the inspiration?

the starting point was the place where the tip of a pen met a moleskine notebook…the inspiration was william zabka…

I hear there’s a screed about him on the Bowery. What does it say?

a screed! really!?! like the ones they use to smooth concrete? are you sure it’s a screed, not a harangue?
If there is such a thing, I did not do it. I have a rash of copy-cats and people claiming to be me…this whole interview might be the work of some imposter…
do send a picture of said “screed” there fraiser… [Ed. Note: We don’t have one. Does anyone? Send us one if so!]

Any plans for a blog or t-shirt?

blogs aren’t for me…”Some are building monuments, Others are jotting down notes…”
got facebook though…(haha…)
but look what one of my supporters started!
(all proceeds are likely spent on the overpriced NYC lifestyle)

Where else is DC besides North Brooklyn, LIC and Lower Manhattan? Does he have any plans of expanding?

The DC has also been spotted in Hollywood, Montreal, Chicago, and London. Yes, expansion is imminent, but what is the rush? One step at a time…

Any other street art you’re responsible for that you want to lay claim to now?

I am not responsible for any street art.

Do you ever want to reveal your identity (or want it to be revealed)?

I cannot speak for tomorrow, but today I wish to remain anonymous…ok, tomorrow too…

How close do you think you are to being found out?
well, you found me didn’t you? It must not be too hard…

Any hints? What’s your day job?
Hints…(Mustard, Candlestick, Conservatory)  during the days i sleep…I make art…nights too!
I tell you what…come to my show and I will tell you in person…
October 23rd, 3rd Ward, 573 Metropolitan Avenue, 7-ish to 10-ish…dig it…

Interview by Nicole. Photos from top by xbettyx and kate / for me, for you via Flickr.

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