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Getting your teeth cleaned is one of those necessary tasks that seems a lot harder when you don’t have a dentist you love and trust. We asked around for recommendations and these Brooklyn dentists’ names kept popping up. Got a dentist you love for his goofy sense of humor or her skills with a drill? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add their office to this list.

Dr. Jeffrey Dressel
Dental Care of Cobble Hill
62 2nd Place

“Jeffrey Dressel in Carroll Gardens is the best dentist ever.”

“He apparently has some famous patients, including Amy Sedaris (who he did not know was famous until his hygeinist saw her on the late show!)”

Dr. Ellis F. Lutwak, DMD
207 Ocean Parkway

“Dr. Ellis Lutwak on Ocean Parkway And Church Avenue in Kensington is great–always recomend him.”

Dr. Matthew Bellafiore
120 Montague Street


“Nice, a perfectionist, and affordable.”

Dr. Robert Graziano
301 95th Street

“Best in South Brooklyn. Call and ask for Arlene.”

Dr. Robert Rosenkranz
Park Slope Dental
300 Eighth Avenue

Dr. Rosenkranz was by far the most recommended dentist in our call for good dentists. A few choice words of support:

“I would donate my kidney to my dentist, that’s how hard he rules ( and I HATE the dentist). Dr. Rosenkranz!!”

“EVERY SINGLE PERSON I’ve recommended him to is now a card carrying member of the Dr. Rosenkranz fan club, and my friend literally suggested last week that we should start a Facebook page for us all. No joke.”

Dr. Steven Reich
Cobble Hill Dental Associates
224 Court Street

Dr. Reich also knows how to handle himself in a shoot out.

Dr. David Kessler
Northside Oral Surgery
183 N 6th Street

Dr. Kessler cut us a deal on wisdom tooth extraction when we didn’t have dental insurance. He was also was nice, efficient and didn’t blink and eye when we commented that IV sedation felt like, “Three shots on an empty stomach.” They also do general dentistry in the office for cleanings and the like.

The Dental Spa
398 5th Avenue, between 6th and 7th Streets
Neck massages and aromatherapy, need we say more?

Sent by Annaliese. Illustrations by Jenni Wu.

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