Fatty 'Cue: Sneak Peak


Back in January we ran a Table Scraps where we reported that Fatty ‘Cue, the new restaurant from the team behind Fatty Crab, would open soon. Sunday night we were lucky enough to have a pal invite us to the Williamsburg restaurant’s friends and family night.

Whoa, Nelly.

Between Pies ‘n’ Thighs and Fatty ‘Cue, the southside is a regular den of long-anticipated deliciousness. Our server and a bartender told us that Fatty ‘Cue was likely to open on March 21, although that is not yet solid. Another server suggested that diners would be able to eat there as soon as Wednesday, but wouldn’t commit to that statement when pressed for details. If you head there and find it closed, don’t stress. The location on South 6th between Bedford and Berry is two doors down from East River, where you can cheaply drink your dinner, just around the corner from Diner and a short walk from some of the best fried chicken in the five boroughs.

And what would you want to eat if you went there? Well first off, the cocktails at the bar in the warm, copper-lined front room are fantastic. The Chupacabra, which our bartender said would be available by the pitcher come summertime, is a combination of tequila, chili-infused Canton, watermelon and lime that is good enough to take a bath in. The Foreplay makes use of smoked grapefruit which really speaks to just how much weird stuff pitmaster Robbie Richter is sticking in the two enormous smokers out back. Word on the street is that installing a suitable exhaust system for the smokers is one of the reasons the restaurant has been lingering in pre-opening purgatory for so long.

If you’re actually interested in food and not just booze, head straight for the smoked crab soup. They smoke crab shells and then make a ridiculously rich broth, which comes with maitake and shiitake mushrooms, green mango and daikon. So. Good. Want for dinner tonight. The make-you-own-pork-bun plate pictured above was also a big hit. Except it’s not so much pork as chewy, delicious brisket (which your Bubby definitely would not recognize) that comes with chili jam, mayo and assorted greens and red onions. The cucumber salad with sesame seeds was essential to keeping our palates cool enough to continue eating, let alone tasting.

Coriander bacon with a steamed yellow custard was weird and awesome from a texture and flavor combination perspective, and the whole mackerel was one of the best, least fussy whole fish dishes we’ve ever ordered. Our table was also fond of the thinly sliced pork loin, which we wrapped around an herb salad studded with dried fish flakes, then dipped into a creamy smoked mackerel and green peppercorn sauce. It’s like a lettuce wrap that uses pork in place of lettuce, making the Fatty ‘Cue pretty much the exact opposite of P.F. Chang’s, which seems just about right.

Sent by Annaliese. Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Based.

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