The Genesis P-Orridge Tag Sale


Yard sales are like tiny museums — all those unloved and outgrown items accumulated over years of Christmases, birthdays and trips to Target tell a story about one very small corner of the world. But what happens when the person selling her excess personal goods is a cult figure known for gender-bending body-modification, avant garde performance art and a general interest in challenging the status quo on pretty much every level imaginable?

Well, then you have the Genesis Beyer P-Orridge Tag Sale coming up at Famous Accountants.

“Basically, it’s a garage sale,” says Kevin Regan (above on the right), co-owner and co-director of the Bushwick gallery with Ellen Letcher. “She’s our neighbor and has been around a bit. She asked and we thought it would be a really cool idea–a garage sale as an art project.”

P-Orridge (pronounced peaorridge, pictured above, on the left at Drippy, a recent show at the gallery) strikes a bold cultural pose. She started out as a he named Neil Megson, a boundary-pushing artist and frontman for the band Throbbing Gristle. In the early 90s he met his late wife, Jacqueline Beyer, and the two became inseparable in a major way. Together they embarked on a project of body and behavior modification in which they surgically altered their bodies and faces to look more and more alike, adopting the same gestures and mannerisms.The project, which they called Pandrogeny, came to an abrupt end in 2007 when Beyer died of cancer.

Since then, P-Orridge has continued working on art projects, and living in the Ridgewood home the couple once shared. “Really, she was a Bushwick/Ridgewood pioneer,” says Regan, whose gallery also sits on the neighborhood/borough boundary.

Items for the May 1 and 2 sale are as of yet undetermined, and P-Orridge, who is currently stuck in London thanks to a certain Icelandic volcano, was unavailable for comment on her selections. Regan compared the show to artist Martha Rosler‘s Garage Sale installations, but on an aesthetic level only. “That was a materialist critique,” he explains. “This isn’t a whole lot different than anybody else having a sidewalk sale. I mean, if she sells, say a blender, I’m curious to see if anyone wants it.” To be clear, that would be a blender formerly owned by a provocateur with 13 penis piercings and C-cups. All items will come with provenance tags proving that they once belonged to P-Orridge.

“Ultimately it’s a practical thing, I think,” says Regan. “You have to get rid of stuff, even if you’re an underground legend.”

Famous Accountants
1673 Gates Avenue
Geneis Beyer P-Orridge Tag Sale
Saturday May 1 – Sunday May 2

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Sent by Annaliese. Photo by Ellen Letcher.

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