Spring Break Dance Party



Over the weekend, we realized that our favorite holiday was coming up this Thursday, April 29: International Dance Day. (Just kidding, we had to look it up too.) It’s a celebration of dance as an art form, but we’ve decided to take back the the holiday for regular folk like us who just like to DANCE at PARTIES. And to celebrate, Brooklyn Based and FIPS are throwing an impromptu, FREE dance party this Thursday at the Bell House.

(If you’re asking yourself what happened to the Big Gay Meatup, it’s still going down in the front lounge! The Bell House is massive.)

It’s the best of both worlds. We already have a Spring Break themed meatup in front, so we’re just spreading the love and inviting anyone and everyone–single, taken, gay, straight, bad dancers, hot dancers, and just so-so dancers–to the dance party in back, dressed in their finest floral shirts and beachy outfits. The fabulous DJ WORKHORSE and special friends will be whipping the room into a frenzy. And we’ve got $5 fruity drinks for all, all night long.

Come party like it’s Palm Springs/Miami/The Jersey Shore and RSVP. The fun begins at 7 and goes well past midnight.

Bell House, 149 7th St., Gowanus, Brooklyn, thebellhouseny.com

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