Color Your Vegetables


Your kids may not eat swiss chard yet, but they can start coloring in those rainbow stalks thanks to Claudia Pearson’s new “Buy Local Eat Seasonal Coloring Book”–12 pages featuring every month’s worth of local produce. The Clinton Hill mother of two is an illustrator and avid farmers market goer, so of course the two should meet. Having two young kids in public school, she says, “I have realized how vital it is to educate about the origins of our food and how it changes from season to season.”

This is first non-Dora, non-Barbie coloring book I’ve come across–mainly because my daughter just draws on our walls right now. But Pearson drew a little inspiration from original books like the “Indie Rock Coloring Book” and “Rosie Flo’s” arty series.

“Buy Local Eat Seasonal” is $4, and available though Pearson’s Etsy shop, where you can also find other cool designs and prints. It’s also on sale at Brooklyn Farmacy.

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