Snack Time with Annie Reichert: Coconut Drop at Natural Blend


Snack: Coconut Drop
Cost: $2
Where: Natural Blend, 769 Washington Avenue near St. Johns, Prospect Heights
Deliciousness Scale (1-10): 7
Goes with: The Peanut Power Punch Smoothie with almond milk ($5.50 for a small).
Side note: Everything is vegetarian, most things are vegan, and they don’t harp about it.

The coconut drop is not the sugar bomb it looks to be, nor is it cloyingly coconutty. It is a skillful blend of whole coconut flesh, ginger, and nearly crystallized Turbinado sugar. I classify the Coconut Drop as a cookie, though I like to imagine that its unprocessed ingredients endow it with health benefits: Coconut for energy and immune support, ginger for digestion. Health cookies, yes, of course! I’ll have another.

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