To All You Lazy Do Gooders Out There…


By now you’ve hopefully heard about the Do Gooder Awards, the first annual campaign by The Brooklyn Community Foundation to recognize the little-known, local superstars among us. Or in their words, the people who show “an outstanding sense of giving back locally–with time, talent and/or charity.”

Every so often I check out the nominees, just to see if I know any. Many of the entries lack photos, which makes for some boring profile stalking. So The Brooklyn Community Foundation sent out a reminder this week for people (like me) to beef up their nominations, which are due by Sept. 30. Basically, you have to act like the person who nominated Johnny Temple, Akashic Books publisher and a creator/organizer of the Brooklyn Book Festival and Fort Greene Park Literary Festival, because that person clearly took at least 15 minutes to write an amazing profile of him, and upload a good photo. The writeup for Reverend DaVanie Jackson is also pretty stellar. She co-founded the Brooklyn Rescue Mission, a food pantry that distributes locally grown produce from a Bed-Stuy farm to residents who need good food.

So essentially you’re writing an online personal, only you’re filling in someone else’s life story in the hopes that the public will fall in love with this local hero.

Why bother? Because this is a chance for all those truly good people in Brooklyn to get a very public thank you, and if lesser people like us don’t take the time to write about them, fewer people will know about them. Even if nominees don’t go on to win, everyone who decides on the top 20 finalists–which is open to public voting between Oct. 1 and 15–will see them.

So, if you haven’t nominated someone yet, or you uploaded a lazy profile, you have a week to redeem yourself.

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