Fishing for Compliments


Maybe fishing isn’t the first thing you think of when you peer into the depths of the East River, but the Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association is working to change that perception with their second annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby. The rules are relatively simple (though sticklers can check out the details here); once you’ve registered online, grab your rod and head down to the waterfront, anywhere from Red Hook to Long Island City, any time between 12am on October 1st through sundown on November 21st. Striped bass and bluefish are fair game, though catch-and-release is encouraged, and any record catches should be recorded using video (even cell phone video!) next to a tape measure. All this sound way out of your league? Amateurs are encouraged to join in, so stop by Thursday night’s opening party at Dream Fishing Tackle in Greenpoint for gear and advice, then gin up your courage at the afterparty at the Woods, which runs until the midnight kickoff (though please don’t drink and fish!)

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