One Ring to Rule Them All


BUSHWICK: Wagner’s Ring Cycle has a much-deserved reputation as one of the most difficult operatic experiences for non-opera fanatics to endure – typically, the full set of four operas lasts about 15 hours and is spread over several nights. On Thursday night, previews begin at the Bushwick Starr for a – shall we say unique – adaptation of the first two parts, courtesy of Performance Lab 115. The reimagining sets Wagner’s work in 1980s America, and, in Part 1, replaces the Norse gods with professional wrestlers; Part 2 depicts those left behind by the “greed is good” mentality. If that wasn’t enough to make your average white-haired operagoer apoplectic, Performance Lab 115 has also replaced Wagner’s classic arias with 80s classic rock, cut the running time to just two hours, and even found room for burlesque dancers.

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