Celluloid and Singers


WILLIAMSBURG: At the intersection of rock music and indie films is where the Royal Flush Festival can be found, beginning tonight in North Brooklyn. The film/music/party fest started life as the E.Vil City Film Fest; this year, they’ve joined forces with Royal Flush Magazine and moved out to Brooklyn, with most events taking place at the Knitting Factory. Wednesday’s opening night film, Downtown Calling, details the late-70s turmoil in New York and how it resulted in music and art that still resonates today. Other notable films include Dan Eberle’s silent revenge flick Prayer to a Vengeful God, on Thursday;  Saturday’s Do it Again, which follows a man trying to get the Kinks to reunite; and several different shorts programs over the weekend. To round out the festival, a number of bands, including Dungen and Rasputina, will be performing; author Steven Blush will be presenting a slide show based on his book American Hardcore, and an installment of Kaiju Big Battel will be taking place at Warsaw.

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