Friday PSA


If you haven’t cast your votes yet for your favorite Brooklyn Do Gooders, you have until Sunday (Oct. 17)! And you can cast 5 votes a day till then! Each time you do the site invites you to broadcast your vote via Twitter + Facebook. Instead I’m broadcasting it here.

So far I’ve voted for:

Carolina Salguero, because I love that she’s so devoted to the waterfront and because she managed to bring a retired oil tanker to the Red Hook waterfront for public/cultural use.

Tony Gentile, owner of Bay Ridge’s Lone Star Bar and Grill, because he’s super generous and opens his restaurant numerous times each year to host charity benefits.

Johnny Temple, because creating the Brooklyn Book Festival was no small feat, and now it’s one of the best annual events we host here.

Sean Hoess, because he mobilized a group of people to repair the tennis courts in McCarren Park and landed a $50,000 grant to fully restore them.

DaVanie Jackson, because she helped start an organic farm in Bed-Stuy in a lot used as a garbage dump + distributes the food through a food pantry she also helped found.

And those are just a few of the awesome peeps worth voting for.

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