Road Trip: Storm King


Sometimes life is like a movie, and sometimes it just feels like that way because you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Or is that just me? Either way, the day after my new Ford Edge was delivered (yes, we have one to use for the next few months!) I was itching to go on a drive. Living in the city, car trips usually consist of back seat cab riding, so I was excited about the novelty of being the driver. It was a perfect pre-fall day, sunny, fluffy clouds, warm but not too much so. You know, like a fall day straight out of a movie. But where to? I’d heard friends talk about Storm King, an outdoor sculpture park with artworks in fields, and rolling hills shaped into art installations and it seemed like the perfect spot to see on a day like that. A new friend came along, who said he hadn’t left this city since moving to Brooklyn several months earlier. He was taking in all the scenery as we drove along the Hudson River heading north, and I was marveling at how easy it is to just get out of the city when you have a car. We got to the park only to find out it was closing in a half hour, so we wandered around and saw as much as we could. It was one of those days where you don’t remember what you talked about, but you only really remember what you were feeling and how everything looks. I managed to take a quick snapshot of the view before we were shooed out at closing time to capture a bit of the calm I felt in contrast with my daily go-go-work-work life in the city.

Speaking of, a friend who just started a kids email newsletter in New Jersey wrote a great guide to Storm King; check it out here.

Ford loaned us a 2011 Edge to test drive for three months, gas and insurance included. In exchange, we’ll be occassionally blogging and posting videos and pictures as we use the car to get around. ( )

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