Gallery Shortlist #1: Joann Kim's Favorite Spaces


Joann Kim may be best known for founding and curating the Greenpoint Food Market (RIP!), but she’s equally passionate about art. She runs Greenpoint Open Studios, and when she’s not doing marketing, development, and product sourcing for Papacito’s, Brooklyn Standard and Cafe Royal, she blogs about art and food at updownacross. She’s recently added another project to her list, exploring the vast field of Art in Brooklyn for BB. Her first post is an intro to some of the galleries she’s grown to love and frequent over her three years in Greenpoint.

Pierogi Gallery, 177 N. 9th st btw Bedford and Driggs Aves., Williamsburg
Pierogi is one of the original Williamsburg galleries that has been around since the mid-90s, reflecting an art scene that began before the skinny jeans and boutiques arrived. Artists to admire here include John O’Connor, Dawn Clements, Jim Torok and Daniel Zeller, whose current show continues to explore his signature, obsessive doodles. (Pictured at left is Zeller’s “Localized Transmission,” 2010; click to enlarge.)

Factory Fresh 1053 Flushing Ave btw Morgan Ave and Knickerbocker St, Bushwick
Factory Fresh highlights street art from around the world and often hosts giant parties in their backyard. Nottingham-based Jon Burgerman draws witty, self-deprecating characters that are also often transformed into designs for consumables like toys and skateboards. He and fellow Factory Fresh artist Jim Avignon formed a band called Anxieteam which is reminiscent of Flight of the Concords skits, accompanied by videos and artworks made by the artists and collaborators.

Heliopolis: 154 Huron St btw Manhattan Ave and Franklin St., Greenpoint
This artist-run project space hosts a range of performances, exhibitions and events including tarot healing and a reading series.

EyeLevel BQE: 364 Leonard St and Withers St., Williamsburg
This cozy storefront gallery beside the highway highlights emerging artists in and out of Brooklyn whose works often go beyond painting and photography. They feature nifty shows like Wurmhaus, where artist Monica Martinez reflects on urban architecture and the industrialization of food production by building structures for edible mealworms (which happen to be high in protein!). Eyelevel BQE is also the showroom of the co-owner’s clothing brand Outlier, designed specifically for the corporate bike riding commuter.

Like the Spice: 224 Roebling St btw S. 2nd and S. 3rd Sts., Williamsburg
Owner and director Marisa Sage hosts a dinner at the gallery for each exhibition, giving art lovers an opportunity to eat and mingle. The current show, Pregnancy Pact, features paintings and photo collages by Chino Amobi. Dean Goelz and Jenny Morgan are also artists to look out for at Like the Spice.

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