Where in the World are Kate and Michael?


Ever wish you could just pack up everything and travel the world? Not realistic, right? Well, some people find a way to make it happen. Brooklynites Kate Blumm, communications manager at BBG, and Michael de Zayas, founder of Neighborhoodies, put their lives on hold to globetrot through South America, Asia and Europe for the next four months. It’s the trip of a lifetime, and we’ll be posting their favorite pictures from their adventure here. You can also check out their full blog at universalsinkplug.posterous.com.

Kate: Une petite rue! Le Filou de Montpelier! It’s easy enough to imagine this is the gaze down a steep cobblestoned street in a small French town, but in fact this is the window seat at El Desayunador (motto: “eternal breakfast”) in Valparaiso, Chile. The place is in the heart of Cerro Alegre, one of the multiple hills (cerros) that comprise this confusing, splendiferous, and exquisite city of a million inhabitants about ninety minutes from Santiago. We came here for a lazy lunch to discuss over toast and a cortado whether or not we were ready to leave Valparaiso yet.

Michael: This is my favorite city in the world, an endless game of chutes and ladders for flaneurs – color, color, color across 44 turbulent hills. Among steep stairs, funicular ascents, winding cobblestone streets, you discover an endless parade of detail in this city of street artists and animals. I like this photo because the chaos of electrical wiring is mirrored here by the planted grasses – as we spy on this city of constant improvisation.

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  1. Sharon Ng -

    Love what Michael and Kate are doing in South America but they have nothing on Marc, Christine and Alex Lambrechts, the globetrotting Brooklyn family that is currently hitting continental Africa, India and Asia for a year and half! Follow their adventures on truly raising little citizens of the world at http://brooklynlakwachera.blogspot.com/


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