Snack Time with Annie Reichert: Salchi Papas


Snack: Salchi Papas
Cost: $5
Where: Salchi Papas truck on Atlantic & Flatbush in downtown Brooklyn
Deliciousness Scale: 6
Idea: You could really spice up a Repertory film at BAM if you snuck in this fragrant bundle of joy.
The snack truck near Atlantic Terminal has had me curious for awhile. As fun as salchi papas is to say, turns out it’s simply fried hot dogs on top of French fries. I like to think of it as Peruvian poutine. Ordering “the works” means mustard, mayo, ketchup, and spicy green salsa. To be sure, this is a crazy delicious snack in its utterly unapologetic oily crispiness. Salchi papas is a saturated fat daydream. Nonetheless, it’s a little extreme for average daytime snacking. This snack would be best eaten late at night, stumbling to the train after a night of honky tonkin’ at Hank’s Saloon on 3rd Avenue. Bring a friend as this snack comes in a county fair portion only.

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