Tips from Vintage Shop Owners


Boots at Stella Dallas

Vintage shopping can be, quite literally,¬† a mixed bag. You might spend days searching for a particular item, only to find it in the wrong size. Here’s some advice from thrift store owners on how navigate the racks and not get discouraged. And remember–there’s always eBay.

“The best thing about vintage is vintage people buy and bring their trends in the store right when seasons begin. If it’s trendy, go and buy it at an H&M, because you’re only going to wear it for one season, but if you really want a classic piece, go vintage. It becomes an heirloom.”
–Honey Moon, owner 1 Of A Find Vintage

“This is a business of find. If you start shopping for the particular item, it gets very pricey.”
–Loretta Verdi, owner Almost New Vintage

“It’s not going to be as easy as going in to the GAP and pulling five items in two sizes each. There’s only one of everything, so you have to look for your size. I would encourage people to carry a little tape measure in their bag. If you know your measurements, it’s pretty quick. Also, you’ve gotta up your odds when you’re going vintage. Look through the racks and find five or six things that appeal to you. If you keep an open mind and try a wider selection of things, you have a much better success rate.”
–Suzette Sundae, owner of Guvnor’s.

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