Art for Art's Sake


BUSHWICK If you’ve ever looked at a piece of art and thought how much cooler it would be if it weren’t on a gallery or museum wall, Sunday’s BETA Spaces festival is for you. The full name of the free one-day event says it all: the Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces, put together by Arts in Bushwick, is set to include such unusual spaces as a children’s after school center, an augmented reality app, and even an artist’s home. Marni Kotak, who will be serving brunch at her house at 2pm, will be considering everything that transpires in her house on Suydam Street to be art, while the Ugly Art Room will be turning the safety of a children’s space into a show focusing on “the hug that eats you.” At the official close of the festival, an afterparty featuring eight performers will be held at Brooklyn Fire Proof East.

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