Turkey Day Game Plan


It’s always fun to compare notes about Turkey day techniques and plans. Here’s what we have cooking at our homes. We’d love to hear what you’ve got going on at yours…

Nicole’s Menu (for 10)
I’ve never done a Turkey day for 10, so I got super serious and began prepping last weekend and this weekend, making chicken stock, chopping veggies ahead of time etc. Now I just need to clean like a banshee.

Starters before we sit down:

Drinks, including a Whisky Cocktail I’ve Yet to Name (It’s similar to this recipe, except there’s no basil in the simple syrup, no pernod, and I’ve substituted Orange Bitters for Peychaud’s Bitters.)
Cheese and charcuterie, brought by a friend
Stony Brook Delicata Squash Oil and bread for dipping (My neighbor introduced me to this oil and it’s pretty delicious dipped in bread. If I’m on top of my shit I’ll make it to Scratchbread today, which is opening their window from noon to 5pm.)
Leek and Celery Root Soup topped with creme fraiche and chives (recipe from Fine Cooking, I plan on serving in small cups that I plan on getting at Ikea very soon)

The Feast (served with lots of wine)

A DiPaolo Turkey (I dry brined this baby with Bay and Sage Salt using the LA Times recipe. Fingers crossed it’s good, cause dry brining is way easier than wet brining.)
Roasted Brussels with Bacon
Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Orange and Thyme (based on this Jamie Oliver recipe)
Orange Halves Stuffed with Sweet Potatoes (A friend made this last year and can’t recall how he did it so I’m going with what seems right–mashing the potatoes with orange rind and orange juice, a little nutmeg, butter and topping it with brown sugar and walnuts. Or pecans.)
Green beans Lyonnaise, coming from a friend (I’m excited for this, since I’m used to almondine or old school casserole-style)
Mashed potatoes, coming from a friend
Dressing (This is the first time I’m going to try to replicate my mom’s southern-style stuffing, made with saltines, buttermilk biscuits, and cornbread. Since I predict only me and my folks will appreciate it, I’m also making a sausage, raisin and fennel stuffing, based on this NY Times recipe)
Giblet gravy, made by mom
Cranberry sauce from mom, one jarred, one made with Cointreau, oranges and pecans (yum)


Salted Caramel Apple Pie and Chocolate Pecan Pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds (I plan to get this at 8am Thanksgiving day, so if you beat me there save me some)
Vanilla and Blackberry Ice Cream

Annaliese’s menu (for 20+)

My Thanksgivings are always a whirl of delicious chaos. A lot of my friends, and my husband, sister and brother-in-law, work in and around the food industry and this in an insane time of year for them, so I tend to anchor the meal with an enormous turkey, mashed potatoes and large amounts of wine and let rest fill in. This year we’re all feeling a little trashy it seems. Also, I just got an email saying someone wants to cook a rabbit on the grill, so, that should be interesting.

To start, while we mill around and cook and drink

Raw oysters and shrimp cocktail from my sister and her man, mimosas and bloody marys.
Stuffed mushrooms from a friend
70s spinach dip from a friend (trashy!)
Turkish fig and Greek cheese peace plate from a friend
Cocktail: Oaxaca old-fashioneds with tequila, agave nectar and burnt orange from a bartender friend

The meal, served family style

Meat Hook turkey, brined, rubbed with goose fat
Garlic, red-skinned mashed potatoes, made by my husband-they’re the best, ever
Brussels sprouts with almonds and bacon
Sweet potato gratin brought by a friend
Oyster stuffing from a friend from Maryland
Parker house rolls from another Southerner
Kale “lesbian” salad from a sapphic pal
Green bean white trasherole from a friend


Raatz Cab Franc
Beer bought by a friend who manages a fancy beer store
Assorted other bottles for fun


Cheese plate with American cheeses, plus a Vacherin Mont D’or, heated in the oven
Maple walnut pie
Cranberry sour cream pie
Lemon cream tart from a friend
Sweet potato pie from a friend

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