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For some reason we always find buying presents for dudes a challenge–we’re not mind readers, ok? So we asked some of our favorite contributors to come up with guy-friendly gifts from around the borough. If you’re feeling more DIY about the holidays, check out Jon Reiss’ guide to the Mix Drive on our blog. Check out our other gift guides, too: Green Goddesses and Sexy Santas post,  the Agoraphobe’s Gift Guide–an online guide to buying Brooklyn, and great stuff for Cooks and Eaters.

Brooklyn Writers Space membership, $330/four three months (58 Garfield Pl., Park Slope, 718-788-2697): As illustrious as the life of a Brooklyn Based writer sounds, finding a place to get your work done can be one of the most challenging parts of the gig.  Even the best coffices close, or their wi-fi stops working.  The Brooklyn Writers space offers quiet desks good light, wi-fi, printing and a kitchen space for socializing.  Membership is $330 for four months and satellite spaces are now available in Carroll Gardens and Gowanus.  This is perhaps the greatest gift you could give a professional or aspiring writer and even if they don t think they need it, it won’t take them long to admit how wrong they were. — Jon Reiss

Stocking Growler, $7 to $18 at Bierkraft (191 5th Ave., Park Slope, 718-230-7600): To find a present for the beer snob in your like, look no further than Bierkraft in Park Slope. The gourmet grocery store and beer emporium possesses over 1000 different beer offerings as well as more than 250 artisan cheeses, 100 gourmet chocolate bars and seven collections of boutique chocolates.  Bierkraft house-roasts organic hams and turkeys, too. But back to the beer snob on your list. Grab a growler of one of Bierkraft’s 16 fresh-brewed beers on tap and give a new meaning to “hoppy holidays.” Unopened growlers stay fresh for up to three months and come in 22-oz. and 64-oz. sizes, though we doubt it your stocking growler will make it through the first round of afternoon football. –Jordan Galloway

Gimme! Coffee Gift Box, $33 at Gimme Coffee (495 Lorimer St.,  Williamsburg, 718-388-7771):  Best beans in the bleedin’ borough!  If your dude doesn’t live close to Gimme!, you can make many of his mornings to come with this gift box featuring two bags of their finest beans and two mugs. It’s also a great dad or boss gift. — J.R.

The Very Many Varieties of Beer or The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names by Pop Chart Lab Posters, $25-$30 at Everbrite Mercantile Co. (351 Van Brunt St., Red Hook, 718-522-6121): These two graphic prints by Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab could work for the hip-hop or hops loving gal, but somehow the idea of diagramming every craft beer and beer style in the world, and creating a family tree that connects Q-Tip to RZA seems particularly suited for men who like to discuss (i.e., show off their knowledge of) arcane items. –Leigh West

80 Blocks From Tiffany’s DVD $20 at Photoplay (933 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, 718-383-7782):  When I was working at the sorely missed Williamsburg movie haven, Reel Life, the owner John would, from time to time, play his favorite movies from his personal collection.  One day he took out took out this old VHS tape and said, “This is one of the rarest videos I have.”  The movie, a documentary about Bronx-based gang life in the late 70s, is a veritable buried treasure.  Until now, to snag a copy, you would have to pony up a few hundred bucks on eBay, but thanks to the newly re-released DVD, you can score it for 20 bucks, with bonus materials. — J.R.

Titanium Flatlinks, $60-$80 at Stewart/Stand (Front and Pearl St., Dumbo, 718-875-1204) or Pocket Square, $25 at Brooklyn Circus (150 Nevins St., Boerum Hill, 718-858-0919): For the dapper man in your life, you could go the dependable cufflink route, but Stewart/Stand turns it up a few classy notches with their original, Titanium “flatlinks” that are easy to slide into a French cuff shirt. Or, take a leap of faith that he will be willing to rock a pocket square. It’s really just another word for kerchief, but place it just so in the left breast pocket of a blazer, and it can radically up their gentleman quotient. Brooklyn Circus has a nice selection priced at $25 per, and you can always get one that’s slightly fem in case he’s not going there. –L.W.

Vintage gear, Sweet Deliverance Pop-up Store (616 Lorimer St., Williamsburg): Chef (and BB pal) Kelly Geary has opened a pop-up shop in the old Brooklyn Kitchen space on Lorimer Street and she’s filled it with art, her own Sweet Deliverance jams, jewelry and vintage goods she collected on a trip from Brooklyn to Madison, WI and back. She has some sweet stuff for guys, including wool shirts, vintage ties, and this tool box from the 30s–it’s a real one-of-a-kind for an extra special dude. –Annaliese Griffin

Word Made Flesh $15, Destroy All Movies $35 at Greenlight Book Store (686 Fulton St., Ft. Greene, 718-246-0200) or Word, (126 Franklin St., Greenpoint, 718-383-0096): Word Made Flesh is the perfect coffee table book for the badass literary Brooklynite.  This book, edited by Justin Taylor and Eva Talmadge, features beautiful glossy photos of tattoos inspired by literature.  There are a bunch of crude cartoon images from the work of Shel Sivelstein, as well tattoos inspired by Bukowski, Rimbaud, George Orwell and the like.  Edited by Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly, Destroy All Movies is an encyclopedic guide to every punk rocker that’s ever been portrayed on film.  Open it up to any random page and you’re guaranteed to find one of the greatest, campiest films of all time.  The book is 600 big, colorful pages of entries featuring everything from Suburbia to Repo Man, with interviews from directors like Penelope Spheeris and a forward by Richard Hell. — J.R.

Bone, Brooklyn Comics & More, (493 7th Ave. Windsor Terrace, 718-840-5840)
For fans of the late and great Brooklyn Monster Factory, check out Brooklyn Comics & More, a mom-and-pop store that recently took over the space. Located at the corner of 7th Avenue and Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace, the new shop is kid-friendly and ideal for the comic lover who already owns all the most obscure graphic novels. Besides its extensive vintage collection and five for $1.00 comic boxes, Brooklyn Comics & More offers outdoor tee shirt racks, books, magazines, DVDs, toys, and character figurines appealing to a range of ages. As a special treat for the nephews or the second grader you babysit, nab a paperback copy of Jeff Smith’s Bone, a black and white comic strip that takes place in the eerie land of Boneville. The strip is in production for a future Warner Brothers film. –Kelly Murphy

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  1. TwoThousandLights -

    I’m sure you didn’t MEAN to be sexist because I can’t see one gift on this list that wouldn’t be awesome for the ladies though.

  2. TwoThousandLights -

    I’m sure you didn’t MEAN to be sexist because I can’t see one gift on this list that wouldn’t be awesome for the ladies though.

  3. Bank Robber -

    Surprised you missed Brooklyn’s own legend, Paul Cox.

    Formerly of Indian Larry and Gasoline Alley, Paul is world famous for his choppers, his saddles and leather work, and his knives.
    Paul is producing a limited edition knife for this holiday season that he designed with world famous furniture designer Frank Pollaro.

    Paul is only making 15 for this edition, available exclusively from Brooklyn’s own Ateliers Velocette..

    Clearly, these are collector pieces targeted for the wine lover or knife collector and are priced accordingly.


    Brooklyn’s Ateliers Velocette rents motorcycles for film shoots, fashion photography, retail and event promotions. They have become a bit of a sensation in the last few days, attracting over 10,000 views to their eBay auction for two very rare Ducati MH900E’s for $1 million, with at least $900k going to Habitat for Humanity.. Clearly for the man who has everything..


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