Tree Stand Playlist


Charles Poekel of Chocolate Bobka has perhaps the strangest side gig of any music blogger–he also moonlights as a Christmas tree seller. We asked him to share the songs in rotation at his stand on N. Henry and Nassau Ave. in Greenpoint, and Poekel sent this list along. These are “songs that get us pumped in the morning, songs that pass the time, songs that keep us warm,” he said. You can hear them all on 8tracks.

James Ferraro – “Dollhouse Frotteur”
Waskerly Way – “Cat Alert”
Kanye West – “Devil in a New Dress”
The Doors – “L.A. Woman”
Balam Acab – “Regret Making Mistakes”
Andrew Cedermark – “Moon Deluxe”
Eurythmics – “Love is a Stranger”
The Kinks – “Hot Potatoes”
Autre Ne Veut – “Demon Eyes”
Appaloosa – “Tulu Rogers”
Hype Williams – “Fruit Bats Forever
Melted Toys – “Wild Waves”
Broadcast – “Message From Home”

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