The Singing CPA


We’re approaching that unpleasant time of year again: tax time. Do you have a good accountant?

We do, and his name is Steven Zelin.

Zelin, whose voicemail message chirps, “Have a Tax Deductible Day!” has the kind of attributes you wouldn’t expect from the person preparing your tax return. For one, he’s funny. In 2009, as a way to help his clients all over the U.S. figure out when to expect their refunds, he started the site, Dude Where’s My Refund? The native Brooklynite is also a talented singer–he’s known as The Signing CPA–who writes cheeky songs about taxes and accounting and kids’ songs like “I Love to Count” that toddlers go nuts for. (The New York Times and Wall Street Journal have already taken notice.)

But most importantly, he’s skilled in the mysterious ways of tax laws and can save you a bundle. He began his career 10 years ago at PricewaterhouseCoopers and is currently the principal of a CPA practice, where he specializes in accounting and auditing services for individuals, small businesses and non-profits. And recently, he became the president and owner of the bookkeeping firm, The Lowe Bureau, so he has an arsenal of smart bookkeepers in his back pocket who can get your business finances in order, before Steven combs over them.

His clients include lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, bars, restaurants, artists, art galleries, contractors, musicians, singers, teachers, and other professionals who also employ Steve to flesh out their business plans and manage their businesses.

The LIU professor–he’s teaching auditing this Spring–also offers his expertise at events like the Etsy Success Symposium on February 8th, where he’ll be leading a workshop on bookkeeping and record keeping, and at the School of Visual Arts, where he’ll lead his “The Business of Being an Artist” seminar again this year on Wednesday, Feb. 23, at 7pm.

If you’re keen on checking out Steven, mention BB and you’ll get one free hour of consulting, which you can use to talk about your current bookkeeping set-up, review your Quickbooks file or tax returns, talk about your business plan and business strategy, or any other burning financial question. Once you hire him, you’ll get the kind of service you would at a big firm for a much more competitive rate, with a famous accountant to boot.

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