Are You Ready For Some Football?


CITYWIDE It’s time for that annual excuse to consume copious quantities of wings and beer, shout obscenities at the TV and make outlandish wagers with friends. You’ll be able to catch the Super Bowl at just about any sports-friendly bar in the borough, but some will be going above and beyond the standard fare. Even though it’s too cold to set up a grill in a parking lot, Littlefield is hosting a pre-game tailgate starting at 4:30pm followed by the game itself; over the course of the evening, the bar will be offering drink specials, free appetizers, and even a live performance by ADM that’s likely to blow the Black Eyed Peas’ halftime performance out of the water. For the more culinarily inclined, Bushwick’s Pine Box Rock Shop will be cooking up ten varieties of free vegan chili starting at 6pm, paired with beer specials from the Pittsburgh-located Penn Brewing Company and Wisconsin’s Lakefront Brewery. A classy option is provided by the Brooklyn Bottle Bowl, a watching party put together by the Brooklyn Winery and Brooklyn Brewery; reserved tables are available that include bottles of Brooklyn Winery wine, Brooklyn Brewery beer, and a private buffet, and they’ll also have a Magnolia Photo Booth and a Super Bowl pool. Finally, those who only watch for the commercials (you know who you are) would be wise to visit Goodbye Blue Monday, whose Silent Super Bowl Party features five musical acts and a promise to only turn up the volume when the game isn’t on.

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