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Daniel Krieger doesn’t just shoot weddings. He’s also a fine art photographer and photojournalist with a psychology degree, and his diverse influences help him produce striking, unique images for brides and grooms. Kreiger prides himself on his unobtrusive methods and his ability to stay out of the spotlight during the wedding day while capturing every memorable moment for his clients.

Describe your photography style.
My style of photography is portrait focused. I try to capture people’s range of emotion and present them in a beautiful way to whoever is looking at the photo. If they are seeing this person for the first time I want them to feel like they can tell what this person is like.

What is your favorite part of photographing weddings?
I really enjoy shooting some creative formals with my couples, capturing some beautiful photos that they’re going to be able to look at years from now and still love. Also just the joy and happiness you find during the reception. People dancing and laughing is always fun for me to photograph.

When looking for the right photographer, what should brides/grooms consider?
They should meet with their potential photographer and know they feel confident he or she is going to enjoy working with them, that this photographer is going to produce photos they will love. You’re spending the entire day of one of the most important days of your life with this person, so you want to feel that you’ll like them.

How do you prepare to shoot a wedding?
The night before all my equipment needs to be packed, checked, and ready to go. I generally show up earlier than scheduled and have a lot of backups (cameras, flashes, memory cards). I just try to be prepared for anything the best I can. As far as emotionally, I think about the couple and how I visualize some of their photos…and tell myself I’m going to create some great images for them today.

What are some “must-have” shots that you are always sure to get at weddings?
There’s some standard things I try to get but every wedding is different, and you have to let the day unfold. If you’re busy checking off a list (which I don’t do) then you’re probably missing some photos which could be that couple’s favorite of the day. I just try to be there the entire time photographing and it seems to work pretty well for me.

What are some overdone shots you skip?
The couple cutting the cake is not generally my favorite photos.

How do you get nervous couples to relax for the pictures?
If they are nervous I let them know its natural to be nervous. People aren’t used to being photographed all day long, most have never had this experience. I let them know that they’re doing great and the photos are coming out beautifully.

Describe your shooting style on the day of a wedding.
I do have a lot of equipment, but I try to keep it out of the way most of the time. Some photographers come in with a lot of lights all around the dance floor but I generally try to be as un-intrusive as possible, while still getting those same dancing photos. I try to be respectful during the ceremony and make sure the day is about the couple, not about the photographer (some can really try to take over the day–I’ve seen it as a guest before).

As far as assistants I do have a lot of people asking to shoot for me, and I have them more often now, and shoot about half my weddings with a second photographer. It just depends on the size of the wedding (for larger ones it’s really nice to have) but working on my own does give me a bit more of a challenge. The entire day, all the images are my vision.

How do you incorporate elements of a couple’s personalities into each wedding shoot?
Each couple is unique. Some are more silly or more romantic toward each other and of course I want them to be themselves and capture them as they are.

You have a background in psychology as well as photography and fine art. How does that inform your work?
I’ve always had an ability to read people and make people feel comfortable and open up. I think that trait really helps with my photography. I can sense people’s comfort levels and will react and adjust as needed to get the best possible photos I can.

Daniel Krieger is one of the many fabulous vendors at our upcoming wedding fair, Wedding Crashers. Meet him in person February 27th!

Megan Finnegan is a multimedia journalist and writer based in Brooklyn. She writes about split personality wedding planning at The Bride and the Journalist.

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