Breaking! Exclusive! Walter Foods Owners Sign Lease in Fort Greene


Dylan Dodd and Danny Minch, owners of Walter Foods in Williamsburg, signed a lease this afternoon for the restaurant space recently vacated by Rice, on Dekalb and Cumberland across from Fort Greene Park. They plan to open a new restaurant by May that will share some similarities with the Walter Foods concept, but with lighter fare–they’re still working out menu details. They will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and will stay open late a la Walter Foods (locals love the bar scene and late night comfort food). We hear there may be fried chicken sandwich picnic boxes to take across the street to the park this spring. Whether or not the waiters will wear bow ties is still up for debate. Either way, we can’t wait!

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  1. Benoit Balz -

    Regarding the ongoing yupp- or hipster-ification of Fort Greene…

    Will one need a handlebar moustache to dine at this establishment?

    Check the hale and hearty menu. To where are we heading?


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