The Dyker Lights of Dyker Heights


The Dyker Lights, a massive holiday light display in Dyker Heights, have been a Brooklyn tradition for more than 25 years. Every December, neighborhood residents go all out with their displays–it’s not just lights, though there are plenty of those, but also mechanical sculptures and large-scale figurines. It’s truly a spectacle that’s worth an annual trip to the southern reaches of the borough.

The bulk of the lights are between 11th and 13th Avenues and 83rd through 86th Streets, though there are certainly displays outside of that area. If you have a car, it’s probably best to drive down, then park and walk around, because the most lit-up areas are pretty far from the train. However, if the subway is your mode of choice, take the D to 18th Avenue or the R to 86th Street. It’s a bit of a hike, but there’s plenty to look at along the way. Don’t forget to grab a cannoli or cappuccino from Mona Lisa Pastry Shop or from Villabate, an Italian bakery that will blow your mind. Check out a slideshow of lights from around Dyker Heights on our site.

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