Forties Fete


If theme parties based on the 80s, the 70s, or even the 60s seem too modern for you, Monday night’s event at Pete’s Candy Store should suit you just fine. The venue’s monthly Sawdust Parlour Revue is a throwback to the vaudeville era, with every month featuring a particular theme; this month, the very specific topic of the night is “1945, the Grand Ole Opry.” In 1945, Bob Wills’ appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, where his insistence on including his drummer onstage during his band’s performance, changed country music forever. Three musical acts – Jason White, Austin McCutchen, and Cal Folger Day and Her Orchestra – will be performing, along with dancers the HMS Petticoats. Bands and audience alike are encouraged to dress in clothes from the era to add to the atmosphere.