Kickstart Creativity


Lend support to fellow Brooklynites pursuing creative endeavors and hear them present their fascinating projects at Brooklyn Winery’s Kickstarter Party at 8pm. The $10 ticket price gets you free half pour of wine as well as performances and presentations by four Brooklyn-based groups who are seeking funding through Kickstarter. The featured presenters are Juliet Linderman and Gabriele Stabile, who are writing a book about the refugee experience in the US; the MemeFactory team, which is writing a book about the Internet and user-generated culture; Brian Frye and Penny Lane, who are creating a feature-length film from forgotten Super-8 footage of Richard Nixon; and Spirit Family Reunion, a gospel/folk band who are seeking funding for a new van. Guests will have an opportunity to meet the teams and ask them about their work during a cocktail hour following the program. All proceeds from ticket sales will help fund the featured projects, so come out and help further Brooklyn’s creative tradition!

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