Royal Revelry


If you’re like us, you’d give pretty much anything to be hobnobbing amid England’s upper crust at the highly-anticipated wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday. Unless you are Sir Elton John, however, don’t hold your breath waiting for the tastefully engraved invitation to turn up in the post. Instead, head over to DUMBO for the next best thing: an all-day royal wedding viewing party and reception hosted by the DUMBO Improvement District and Big Apple Brits.  For the truly committed, a free screening of the nuptials begins promptly at 5:30am under the archway of the Manhattan Bridge, on a screen big enough to guarantee an up-close view of every single pearl button on the dress. Those who wouldn’t get up that early for their own weddings need not fret, though, as the entire broadcast will be replayed from 9am to 3pm. Afterwards, the DUMBO LOFT is hosting a reception party from 9am to 1am, featuring an open bar serving Pimms cups and more, a fancy hat contest, wedding cake, English music and traditional party games; tickets to the party range from $40-$60.

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