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SUGAR, a tiny gallery inside curator Gwendolyn Skaggs’ loft in Bushwick, always presents unique shows that combine two or three artists, typically working in different mediums, often with an installation element. Their latest, Working Together, opens tonight from 6-9 pm, and features two artists, Peter Fagundo and Paul Doug Young. In the span of two days, Fagundo will create an installation using the materials and furniture on hand in SUGAR, then leave on his birthday, May 1. Young, who’s worked primarily as a sculptor for the past decade, and won a Guinness award for the longest non-stop banjo performance (24 hours!), is showing a new series of reverse paintings on glass, depicting fantastical places.

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  1. Sugar -

    This exhibit opens April 3oth, through June 11th. Opening reception is April 30th 6-9.


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