Outernational Kickstarter Campaign


Outernational performing at Southpaw.

Rock band Outernational has shared the stage with some heavy-hitters–Patti Smith, GBH, Gogol Bordello, Jello Biafra–and released an EP, “Eyes on Fire,” that featured a collaboration with Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. The group is in the process of recording their first full-length album, with the help of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and has turned to their fans to help them out by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money they need to finish.

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal, so the band needs to raise $20,000 by May 15, or they will receive none of the pledged donations (as of May 2 they had raised $7,450). And there’s no back-up plan in place if they can’t raise the funds in time.

“To not succeed would be a terrible shame and these projects would not see the light of day,” said guitarist Leo Mintek. “We are relying on people to ensure Outernational can produce new art for 2011 and beyond.” Backers of the project are eligible for various gifts, from free music downloads to a private concert.

The band is known for being politically outspoken and combining different genres to create their sound. They’ve been collecting fan-made videos to promote the project, as well.


May 3: Hounds Basket/Noisy Crane/My Cousin the Emperor/U Say USA/Hadron the Collider, Trash Bar, 8 p.m., $7

May 4: Surf City/Xray Eyeballs/Darlings, Brooklyn Bowl, 8 p.m., $5

Gang Gang Dance/New Moods/Ghetto Gothic DJs, Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9 p.m., $17

May 5: BOBBY/Alex Bleeker + The Freaks/Prussia, The Knitting Factory, 8 p.m., $10

May 6: Reverend Horton Heat, Bell House, 8 p.m., $22/25

May 7: Novembers Doom/Woods of Ypress/Gwynbleidd, Europa, 7 p.m., $15

Jukebox Romantics (record release party)/American Pinup/Those Hated Hearts/The Rumblers/Wicked Wiskey, Xpo 929, 6:30 p.m., $8

May 8: Bomba Estereo/Navegante, Southpaw, 8 p.m., $16

May 9: Karaba Barabas/The Bottom Dollars/The Better Letters, Union Hall, 8 p.m., $7

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