Long before American Idol brought us a slew of forgettable singers, Europe’s 56-year-old annual pop song competition, Eurovision, was churning out pop stars like ABBA. To celebrate this foreign phenomenon, dancing queen Leila Sales and Secret Formula, the boys behind TV Party, the Raspberry Brothers, and multiple Sing-Alongs, have organized a Eurovision-themed party at Coco66 tonight dedicated to all things Euro and cheesey. Think italo disco, French house (Daft Punk and the like), 90’s Eurodance (Jock Jams and the Night at the Roxbury soundtrack), and Scandinavian pop stars (Robyn, Ace of Base), plus costume contests, dance-off contests, and a Sing-Along, group karaoke-style, to subtitled music videos of European hits like “99 Luftballoons.” Fantastisch. 10pm-4am, $5 cover.

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