Brooklyn Folk Festival


The Brooklyn Folk Festival is branching out in big ways this year. They’ve added a second venue at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists’ Coalition [BWAC] Pier in Red Hook along with its traditional home at Jalopy Theater and they’ve tacked on one more day to the festival to accomodate musicians from the Balkans, Caribbean, and North India for the first time. They’ll complement the lineup of over 30 roots, old timey, blues and folk bands, including luminaries like Peter Stampfel and Pat Conte, two of the main players behind the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene. Weekend shows take place at BWAC, and on Sunday you can square dance and and catch the inaugural “banjo toss”–whoever throws one the farthest wins a new one. Seems a little extravagant, tossing banjos around, but that will be fun to see. Tickets are $20 per day or $55 for the entire weekend.

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