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Here at Brooklyn Based we’re excited to have a new feature to offer our readers–wedding announcements. These are more in the spirit of the small town wedding announcements you may have noticed in papers like The Springfield Reporter or the Libertyville Record, than some sort of super selective, who’s who listings. What did Carrie Bradshaw call The New York Times wedding announcements? Oh right, “the straight woman’s sports section.”

These will not be like that.

We want to offer Brooklyn a place to announce engagements and weddings, to share your happiness with your community. The rub? We charge a small fee to pay the writers (yes! we pay writers!) of these lovingly crafted profiles and to maintain the submission system. We think $25 is fair, but as a kick-off gift we’ll be writing the first 20 announcements for free.

There are two different types of listings you can choose from (see below), and each requires you to fill out an online questionnaire and upload a photo. Then, our writers will contact you with any further questions, and send a draft for your review. All announcements will be posted on the BB Weddings page, and we’ll be sending them  out in an email to our BB Weddings subscribers (sign up below!).

Did you just get engaged? Want to tell the world about your love? We can help.

Just Married!
Tell us about your wedding and we’ll put together a post all about how you met, fell in love and planned a beautiful day. And, you can send us photos from the big day.

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