Dinner Playlist


You can connect your Twitter to your Facebook to your Tumblr, and now you can connect your music to your appetite to your bookshelf.  The band One Ring Zero has put out the first ever album/book combo of recipes.  The band has recruited some of their favorite chefs – Mario Batali, David Chang, Mark Kurlansky, etc. – to write lyrics which double as recipes. The CD of hunger-inducing tracks comes complete with a 116 pg. hardcover book.  On November 3rd, catch the release party at Brooklyn Kitchen, where you can taste a number of the recipes and sip on beers provided by Brooklyn Brewery.  Special guests will be in attendance, including Claudia Gonson (The Magnetic Fields), Kara Zuaro (I Like Food, Food Tastes Good) and Michael Harlan Turkell (The Food Seen).  Oh! And get tipsy on Prescription Juleps from cocktail historian David Wondrich.  $35 covers all, and you can buy the album/book and get it signed while you’re there.  Buy your tickets here.

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